Animal Rescue Photography

animal rescue photography


I would love to help you with your animal rescue photography.

I am passionate about animal rescue. I am a firm believer in being involved in community and giving back.  If you are a non-profit animal rescue organization located in LA’s South Bay area and need rescue animal photography, please contact me.  I offer animal rescue photography at no cost.  I set aside several days each month and donate my photography services to help pets get adopted. I also teach volunteers how to take photographs of animals, as well as donate fine art prints for fundraising events. If you need help, please contact me and we’ll get something scheduled as soon as possible.

To qualify for comlimentary animal rescue photography:

  • Rescue animals must currently be up for adoption.
  • Dogs must know basic sit and stay commands, and must be on leash.
  • Rescue animals must get along with people and other animals, and not exhibit aggressive behavior that may be harmful to staff and photographer.
  • You must be a 501c3 group (nonprofit organization with a charitable purpose) and an authorized representative from the group must sign a liability/model release.
  • You must have staff on hand to assist with the session to keep the animals settled in front of the camera.
  • You must provide transportation to and from my studio: Little Paws Photo Studio, located on Aviation Blvd in Manhattan Beach.

To all the animal rescue people I have met and worked with over the years – you are and always will be my inspiration. Thank you for allowing me to take pictures of those souls you care for and love like no one else. You are selfless and dedicated, making a difference. I applaud what you do.

Thank you, Kelly Richardson