Birthday Pets: Puppy and Kitten Pet Photos

Welcome to Birthday Pets, we are glad you are here. This is our “TEASER” photo gallery – to get you to make contact with us to see ALL of our images – that is hundreds of amazing pet photos in our IMAGE BANK. Our Image bank contains categories based on popular holidays in the US: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Easter Mothers Day, Fathers Day… ; it also includes the seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, as well as pet photos that are suitable for everyday and all occasion. You must “shake a paw” first to get the “top secret” password! CONTACT NOW

Birthday Pets is full of adorable, playful puppies and kittens wearing birthday hats, playing with birthday presents, gift boxes, and gift bags. Click on your favorite photo to see it larger. Note the image numbers are provided in the description. Contact us if you would like a larger comp. We are very interested in helping you find the PAW-fect image!

Birthday Pets is our anthropomorphic photographic style of pets celebrating birthdays like humans!

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