License Agreements

We offer a Commercial License to use our images. Commercial Licenses come with usage rights for the duration of your license based on when, where, and how you use it. Exclusivity is also available upon request. When contacting Kelly to request an image for use, please specify your exact needs using the following criteria listed below: usage, print run, duration and territory, specify  if you prefer a Rights Managed License Agreement or a Royalty based license agreement.


Image Usage includes use on physical products such as: Greeting Card, Poster, Calendar, Gift Bag, Note card, Journal, Notepad, Notebook and more. (No Print on Demand products)


The time period, number of years the image will be printed and distributed for sale on the product. The Agreement will have a start and end date.


The number of times the image will be printed on the product. For example, less than 10,000 prints, or over 10,000 prints. (does not include electronic web downloads)


Territory is the geographical region in which the product may be utilized. For example, World Wide WW or USA.


Frequently asked questions

What is a License Agreement?

A License Agreement is a written agreement by which the owner of a property, the Licensor, gives another party, the Licensee, permission to use that property under a specific set of parameters.

How much does it cost to license an image?

Once you have a chosen an image(s) from the galleries, contact kelly with your licensing requirements. Specify the image number, the product category, the duration of use in years, estimated print run, and territory. Kelly will get back to you with a price  based on that criteria.

What is the procedure to license an image?

1.  email or call Kelly to check image availability

2. Agree on price and usage

3. Sign License Agreement

4. Pay for the License

5. Full resolution image will be emailed to you

Exclusive or Non-exclusive Use?

All of Kelly’s Commercial License Agreements include non-exclusive use.  If you require exclusive use of an image, it must be written in the agreement as such, and in most cases, the price for exclusive use of an image will be higher.

Can I license a Collection of Images?

Yes, Kelly will license a “Collection of Images” with a custom agreement.

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