Digital Art Studio

Welcome to my Digital Art Studio. This is my creative space to have FUN with my pet photos and create new imagery! Whether it be added copy or graphics, I am always ambitiously dreaming how to get my pets in the marketplace. I keep a dream sketch diary on my nightstand, and in the middle of the night, when I can’t sleep, I sketch all of my creative ideas. My goal is how to turn – what is already an amazing photo of a puppy or kitten- into a highly profitable artwork that will help my Manufacturers and Licensees sell massive amounts of product. Many of my ideas here are still a work in progress, but with a little nudge of interest could become a complete collection. If you are here reading this, that means you may have some interest, and I welcome your feedback and opinions, so please feel free to contact me.

Pink Birthday Kitten with Butterfly and Balloons:

THE CREATIVE: This cute little kitten in this photo shoot is looking so curious, like it wants to chase, play or capture something. Which while photographing IRL was probably the cat teaser I was using! LOL I imagined a butterfly teasing the kitty relentlessly flying all around. The kitten is mesmerized by it because the butterfly is too fast to catch. The butterfly is so fast it leaves a trail of dashed lines! And somehow the butterfly gets the pink balloons confused with a pink flower and lands on the balloons, bouncing from one to another. Maybe they POP! Or maybe the butterfly lands on the the soft pink pom pom on top of the kitty’s head! Either way this is my dream for this cute little kitty’s Pink Birthday Photo Session with beautiful pink colored butterflies. Possibilities are endless: Partyware, stationary, children’s book… and more!

RIGHT: Kitten Butterfly Balloons Birthday Kitten IMAGES _RI_6625, 6628, 6630, 6626 +balloon and butterfly graphics

Yellow Lab Pups Green and Pink Birthday Party

I have the most amazing photos from this photoshoot of these yellow labrador puppies. There were 8 puppies all identical. When they got tired we grabbed two more! They were so happy and fun to work with. We have many photos of them with pink and green party hats. Also, we took a bunch in glam dress-up that are absolutely adorable. (coming soon working on glam graphics) Their smiles and happiness just makes them perfect for Birthday partyware for children’s parties.

THE CREATIVE: When I thought of the creative for this photo I felt it needed to be playful, wiggly, and happy- much like the ribbon that you can curl up with scissors- ya know we all love to do that. I wanted to portray that in the artwork. It is free and whimsical like a scribble – doodle. It is all hand drawn with the pencil tool in AI. I pulled colors from the photo itself to color the graphics. It is simple enough, as to not overwhelm the adorableness of the centerpiece- the puppies!! Yet, it dresses up the photo, gearing up for a party atmosphere. I plan to add more photos of these puppies in different poses from the shoot to give a variety for napkins, paperplates large and small, and more.

LEFT: Two yellow labrador Puppies wearing Birthday hats IMAGE: _RI_6927 w cupcake, present, baloon, and swirl graphics