2018 New Year New Imagery

Golden Retriever Puppies

New Year New Imagery

I have exciting new imagery of adorable Golden Retriever Puppies ready to license now to start the 2018 new year. 

In 2017 I was blessed to have met a new friend Randi, who breeds beautiful Golden Retriever Therapy dogs. This wonderful lady adopted one of the kittens I fostered for Cats-Can Org, Cady. I met her the day she picked up her little 8 week old foster kitten Cady from Pet Smart. Randi and I have kept in touch through Facebook ever since.  I especially love seeing the photos she has sent me of sweet little Cady kitten cuddling up with her Golden Retriever Dogs. 

When I found out Randi had a litter of therapy puppies born in the Fall, I just begged at the chance to photograph them before they went to their new homes.  We met twice in November and December.  I was thrilled to be able to photograph the cutest, most adorable puppies you have ever seen.  These have to be the sweetest, calmest, well trained puppies I have ever had the opportunity to meet.

In the first photo shoot they were just 6 weeks old, and very sleepy. I think they came during nap time.  We got some adorable “pooped pups” photos on pink and blue, sleeping puppies laying in flowerpots for spring, and many more. 

In the second photo shoot the puppies were approximately 8 weeks old. This time we tried to plan the shoot during their awake time. My daughter Katie helped,  and we got some really cute Christmas themed photos, as well as many others. Please take a look in the image bank to see the latest images as they are added.