Graduation Puppy, You Deserve Big APPAWS …

The creation of the Graduation Puppy card

While shopping for graduation gifts, I found this adorable graduation hat sewn on a stuffed animal. I knew I just had to have it! I thought it would be the perfect size for the little puppies and foster kittens that I photograph.  It was easy to take off the stuffed toy, just a snip here and a snip there with the scissors and perfecto! And, I couldn’t wait to use it to create a Graduation Puppy or Kitten Studio Pet Card.

My daughter/assistant Katie and I went to work and boy was it a difficult task getting this photo. But, we know persistence pays off and we got a few good shots. I will admit, it took a tiny bit of photo shop. I think her fingers may have been holding the edge of the hat in this one because the curve of the hat was just too curvy for the yellow lab’s flat head.

Though it took a lot of photography patience to get the shot for this card and creative brain work to come up with the pet pun we did it! Here is the final greeting card with text. APPAWS- get it? applause! I just love it and can’t wait to share it with the world and see it in retail card stores….. Click to buy Graduation Puppy in my Card Gnome Store.

The personal significance to me

Where has the time gone? WOW My son John John graduated High School. I can recall the days when he was just a little boy. He and my daughter katie were the inspiration for the start of my great love for photography. Capturing the moments of them growing up is so very special.

Here is one of my favorites he is learning how to snorkel in the bath tub. Believe it or not, this image was not set-up. We were really teaching him how to snorkel right before we took our trip to Key West.  I just love having photographs to help me remember these special times. Images like these are certainly irreplaceable. I made this card dedicated to my children…. This card below is also available for sale at my Card Gnome store if anyone would like to buy it. It is also available for license. Here is a link to my store click .Card GnomeBoy Snorkeling in tub