Pricing Guidelines for Licensing an Image

1.Rights Managed "Flat Fee" Pricing Example

Developed with market research and insight from current Licensees, we have developed a theoretical Rights Managed flat fee Pricing Model below which makes licensing fast, flexible, while at the same time limits the possibility of over-exposure in the market place. The prices below are for example only and will vary depending on image and design circumstances, company budget, and image availability.

The price is calculated on the following criteria:

  • product category
  • the "print run" = number of times the image will be produced on product
  • the duration of use "years"
  • the territory the product will be sold and distributed in.

For example,

  • Greeting Card up to 10,000 copies, 3 years, US: $375-$1200
  • Greeting Card over 10,000 copies, 3 years, US: $875 -$1600

2. Royalty Based Pricing Example

Many Licensees will prefer to pay Royalties quarterly, over the length of time the product is sold. In that case, a similar example may be:

  • Greeting Card, unlimited copies, 3 years, US: $250 advance, 6-8% royalty on "Net Sales" advance paid in 30 days, royalties paid quarterly.