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Your pet could be the next Hollywood Star! All pets we photograph are candidates for Kelly’s upcoming Pet Photo Projects that may or may not include calendars, books, puzzles, greeting cards and more. You may spot your furry friend on a variety of pet products anywhere in the art marketplace.

French Bulldog Flowers

I love creating BEAUTIFUL pet photo ART FOR my clients and for the world to see

I have been working in the photography industry for over 20 years and found my niche working with animals. I love what I do: creating and sharing beautiful imagery of beloved pets – preferably fluffy, cuddly little puppies and kittens! I look forward to sharing the images I create with the world.

  • Our pet images have been published worldwide, our technical expertise is proven in the art industry.
  • We design our pet shoots with creative use of light, settings, props and colors.
  • We love happy pets and ensure all pets are treated with love and adoration during our shoots.


I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT helping animal rescues with GREAT adoption PHOTOS

I have spent over 5 years volunteering professional photography shoots and images, as well as photography training for animal rescue groups in my local area. I truly believe a great adoption photo with an online presence makes a huge difference in getting homeless pets adopted into homes. People are shopping for their pets online. Bright, cute pet photos online can triple adoptions for animal shelters instantly. I have seen it, and I know it works!

Adoption Stories

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“Spring is in the Air” Simple Sky Photoshop Tutorial
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