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Studio Pet Photos - Easy peazy RM Art Licensing contracts, simply specify your needs: territory/length of time/product use/production run. We are agreeable to most terms. We love samples and simply ask for photo credit and/or logo to appear on product.

Studio Pet Photos

Hundreds of puppies and kittens to choose from - all in one place, all holidays and everyday events.  Almost all photos are large enough to accomodate XL product sizes and are versatile enough to be used on any product type.

Photo + Design + Text

Unique photos coupled with hilarious pet puns and funny text is guaranteed to appeal to your ENTIRE consumer base.  These designs will help you sell more products. Your customers will love the expressive personalities and funny faces "meowied" with the text - license these designs today and you will be the coolest cat EVER!

I LOVE what I do...

The comfort, love, joy, kisses, wiggles and giggles that animals bring to life is something that I believe all people should never live without.  Animals are the inspiration for my art.  Capturing their little personalities in a moment of time is what I do best. I want to share that happiness, peace and love with the World.

I license my studio pet photos and designs directly to manufacturers in the Art Industry for product use: greeting cards, calendars, stationary, posters, school supplies, tech, apparel, gift ware, home decor, and novelty items.

WE - my daughter katie and I - love animals so much we donate our time and photos to local non profit animal rescues to help their animals get adopted. We make a big difference in their lives by providing bright, happy, loveable photos for their online web pages,  increasing their chances of getting adopted tenfold.  Believe it or not, many of the kitten photos in my portfolio were my very own foster kittens that my daughter and I cared for from the age of newborn (bottlefed) until they were adopted.

Most recently I have been dabbling into the realm of graphic design and writing greeting card verse to accompany my designs. I am very excited to share my ideas. I am currently working on an entire greeting card line, a coffee table book,  and have a few children's projects underway. I can't wait to see them published. I feel I have a very big competitive edge, I studied children's literature to earn my Masters in Ele. Ed. I have a wealth of story and verse writing knowledge and can't wait to share.



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