About Kelly Richardson

Photographer Kelly Richardson works side by side with animal rescue groups by donating free photo sessions, and digital images for online pet adoptions. In addition, Kelly donates images for advertising use and prints for animal fund raising events. As an example, Kelly helped coordinate the Cats-Can, Inc. Calendar Fundraiser by organizing fund raising efforts to pay for the printing costs, donating calendar images, and designing the calendar print layout, at no charge. The group was able to sell the calendars and keep 100% of the funds to feed, medicate and spay & neuter homeless animals.

Merlin, Rory, and Linus in foster care.

The statistics of survival rate are very gloom for homeless pets that are turned into county shelters in the USA. Bottle baby kittens, like the ones in the video above are especially vulnerable.

In addition to providing complimentary photo sessions and photographs for online adoptions, Kelly has fostered hundreds of kittens herself. Consequently, every kitten on this website has a name, a story and holds a special place in her heart.  The above video is one of many, taken in Kelly’s “Kitty Room”.  

Many kittens like Merlin, Rory, and Linus (above) were found as newborns. They were outside alone, starving, and covered in fleas. Unbeknownst to many, they can not be taken to the County shelters because they would be euthanized. Why? Reasons cited by the county are due to their age, vulnerability to sickness, medication cost, and lack of volunteers willing to bottle feed. See Statistics from the Kitten Coalition.

Fortunately, we have an alternative. Instead, these kittens can be taken to non-profit, no-kill private animal rescue organizations. There, they are placed in foster homes with loving volunteers.  Without a doubt, it is important to understand why help and donations are necessary for animal advocates to continue their mission to save animal’s lives.

Not only are kittens at risk, but the numbers of cats and dogs entering shelters in the Humane Society of the United States each year are estimated to be between 6-8 million. And, they estimate that approximately 3 million of those cats and dogs were euthanized. And that 2.4 of those euthanized were healthy and treatable and could have been adopted into new homes. (Statistics from the Humane Society of the United States via KittenCoalition.org) It’s important to understand that not all homeless pets in shelters are stray. Many have been turned in by their very own “owners”. Do they realize their days are numbered if they don’t get adopted?

We hope that the commercial pet photography licensing of these beautiful rescue pet images helps bring awareness to the homeless animal rescue cause. We hope to remind community members when they see charming, anthropomorphic, expressive pet photos selling on products, they realize these animals are important, loving, domesticated pets. They should be treated with respect as such; their lives are not disposable.

If you are a rescue group interested in working with Kelly please read our animal rescue group information page and contact kelly with your information.